Jan Rose Kasmir 9 Chris Green

Today In class we hit on the difference of Vietnam War and the Iraq War. I found this a really important topic because it can help explain the reason for the feelings of the photo Jan Rose Kasmir. I say this because when the first photo of Jan was taken in the 60s America’s involvement in Vietnam had already been more than ten years; at this time Americas involvement in Vietnam was misunderstood and impossible for the American people to follow.

The biggest difference I see with photo from 03’ compared to the photo in 68’ is the timing. Two years after the towers fell many people where blind to what the war could become, it was a new generation of people and a full out reason, let it be nuclear weapons or to stop Osama Be Laden. I think if you looking at the protest of 2003 today it has more of an effect that came over people in 1968.

Viewing the photo today, more than ten years after the War on Terror started we are in the same predicament, no progress. How do we measure our progress in war? Previously it seemed that war would hit a climax shifting things in an immediate direction swiftly. America has stepped away from the all-out destruction of one bomb but it also has seemed to pull away from some of the advancements that would give the U.S. an overall upper had at all times.

America is one of the most technical advance countries in the world. It also dedicated more money to its military then nearly all the countries put together so, is it that America is fighting once again with a hand tied behind our backs. Although the death count is tremendously lower then what it was in Vietnam shouldn’t it be even fewer when the technology is able almost able to control itself.


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