Shell-Shock McCullin Post 10

For this week I was am going to go over a broad overview of the points I have come to up to this point in my research. I had went over what I had a few weeks ago, but after researching more articles and other sources have added and in some ways taken away from the points and theories I had come up with up to that point.  My subject or time period I am meant to cover is the immediate reception of the photo by the American public and the world abroad. And to cover this time period accurately I think I should first explain the state of affairs America and the world was in during the years of the Vietnam War.

Vietnam spurred a movement in America that had been boiling under the surface in the years leading up to the war. A generation of suppression under the strict, ardent patriotism that was the “Greatest Generation”, the flower children of the 60’s only needed a reason to explode into their own culture based on defiance and rebellion. With the political disarray and lying running rampant through the government. And with the day’s technology enabling these lies and integrity violations to be brought to the public eyes. With the photos of the war and the reality of the horror of what war is, the revolution of the 60’s was ignited. We cannot argue that much of the aggression of the 60’s was focused into the wrong areas with the public blaming the troops and the US aggression towards Vietnam. But the revolution that was the 60’s in all its chaos may have been a necessary evil.

Because of the photos and the lies and deceit and the following lack of faith in the government that was new from the 40’s and 50’s. The revolution birthed research into PTSD, news that was not controlled by the government but one that sought to identify the facts FOR the people not the government. It challenged the average American to view war as what it was, a horrible atrocity that takes innocent human lives as well as that of our own and enemies. Which in turn brought the realization that perhaps we should resort to violence only as a last resort no matter what was at stake. I only list a few of the things that the Vietnam War and the 60’s birthed, but the contributions of the conflict good and bad could not have been possible without the turbulent times our country had to go through.


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