Cindy Heslep — Post 6

In class on Tuesday 12 November, during a discussion of the war in Iraq, some things that other classmates had mentioned stood out to me for my paper assignment. There was a comparison made about both in Vietnam war and Iraq war, American citizens protested extensively. A major difference between the two wars and how Americans reacted to it was in Vietnam, protests targeted the soldiers directly who had no choice but to fight, leave the country, or face prison. In the Iraq war, protests stayed on the government and politics. Soldiers are respected even by those who are against the war. The soldiers in the latter war made a choice to fight and volunteered. 

The men in the National Guard that had participated in the Kent State Massacre brought home the brutality that was seen in the military in Vietnam. Instead of going overseas to fight, the men in the National Guard were in charge of policing protests within the borders. It provided more of an excuse to protest the troops and all of the work they had done after seeing young American citizens killed. In the Iraq war, no such violent outbreak occured towards American citizens by any military affiliation. It is more understood that they are doing their duty and what they believe is right and that is all that matters.  


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