Darwin Campbell Saigon Evacuation Post 8

Today I worked on my outline for the paper.  After talking to the other members of my group, we discussed the presentation and our ideas on how to make it flow. Parker gave me some good pointers, and got me thinking.  One of the biggest aspects is not only the difference in the wars themselves, but also in the way in which they are received by the public.  Americans attention spans have gotten shorter than they were before, and they were short to begin with.  When the announcement came that we were pulling troops out of Iraq by Obama, everyone was up at arms and excited.  But it was a quick subsidement, the attention being quickly diverted once he was elected, to only ask why he hadn’t fulfilled his promise in the electoral run for election.

In Iraq, we had less reporters, and less coverage.  In Vietnam it was the first war that the media was allowed to film and shoot, so the public followed it very closely, picture by picture, and video by video.  In Iraq, most of the information was sensitive, and would have gotten people killed if released in the papers or in any media form.  Most of the coverage was done by people that were actually enlisted in the military, or affiliated with it.  And the stuff that was released to the public was not only fewer in number, but in a different way.

People absorb the information differently now.  In the past, people got their news from the papers, magazines, or the nightly news on television.  Today people get their information on such a variety of ways.  Some from the internet, some from radio, some from the older sources.  There is so much diversity today in reception of news. And not only that, but more scepticism.

When the troops were actually pulled out of Iraq, people had already focused their attention elsewhere.  There was scant attention paid to it, so as a consequence, there were not the same photo styles or representations.  We weren’t reliant upon the photographs to tells us what was goings on there as the older people were in the Vietnam era.  We had other information, as well as multiple sources.  I think this is why there is no correlating photo to the evacuation of Iraq.  That and the fact that the pullout of Iraq was slower and more planned.  It wasn’t a day or couple weeks venture, it was over years, and planned well far ahead of time.

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