Alec Presley, Kent State Post 10

So this is my last week, and I’ve focused solely on working on the paper. So far this hasn’t been going so well. It’s not so much that the paper is hard, and more that I’m procrastinating a little bit. Writing isn’t quite as cool as emailing a Pulitzer Prize winner. I am on the second page though.

On Tuesday my group mates were gone, so I really just thought about the organization of the paper. I start with the intro (duh), which is done, and then start off with some quick backstory on Kent State and what led to the shooting, which is partially done. From there I detail the shooting a little bit, then focus in on John Filo and the process of him getting the picture. After that I the paper will focus on the media’s treatment of the tragedy, the effect of Filo’s photo, and the reaction he and the photo got.

During this paper I am going to weave in what Alan Canfora (the survivor that I interviewed via phone with my group) talked about, as a different view point. On Tuesday Dr. Renoff suggested maybe asking him a couple more questions, which I may very well do. If I do they will be 1) What was your opinion of the photo? and 2) Were you ever captured in a photo taken that day? Obviously the first question would be of bigger importance.

Like I said I’m on page two. I’m starting to get into this a little more, so hopefully I will get the rest typed up a little bit faster. I also realized while typing this that I still have to do my worked cited page, which I should probably do before I get back to the paper itself. My goal is to be done before Thanksgiving break is over, that way I can take it to the writing center. Realistically I’m not getting much sleep that Monday, since I have another 8-12 page paper due the next day.

One thought on “Alec Presley, Kent State Post 10

  1. I like how you made a goal and gave detail into your planning process. This post is very casual and forward about what you are actually doing, not sugar-coating any trouble the paper presents. This post showed that you are persistent even if your teammate (me) is not in class if needed.

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