Self-Immolation – Davin Gooch

In my upcoming paper, I’ve been trying to decide the position I would take and how I could argue said position. For my outline, I believe I can divide up the sections into a few different topics. For the first part, I would go through the events that transpired the day of the march of Thich Quang Duc. From there, I’d like to explain the past of self-immolation and how it relates to the Buddhist religion. That is, I’d tie the past of it into the actions of the Buddhist monks in 1963. I’d be going into the statistics of self immolation and how it has been an act used for centuries by people for political or religious reasons. In most times however, it is both political and religious.

With all of this information presented, I would delve further into the relevancy of self-immolation in today’s society. The newest and most relevant act of self-immolation sparked an entire revolution in Tunisia that spread throughout the Middle East. This single act created the rising and falling of nations and created a new form of protesting via the internet. This caused widespread international interest and was extremely relevant to the United States’ international diplomacy. From there, I would go onto my final conclusions for the paper. For this entire work, I would use the citations from my previous posts as well as a few others. I feel as if this format will be able to cover the topic in an acceptable manner


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