Cindy Heslep, Kent State, Post 7

I am focusing on the paper and gathering all my resources together. I have been thinking about what direction I want my paper to go. The information that my group got from interviews shared and what sources I found will help. Before starting the paper, I will do the work cited page. Then jump into writing the paper.

Like many other college students, I worried over other papers and projects that were due before this one. I am going to start with some basic information on the Kent State shootings in the first few paragraphs after the introduction. Then I plan to discuss how its legacy is shown through anti-government protests, including anti-war protests when appropriate. 

The group that I am in presents our assignment to the class on the third of December. While doing my paper and looking through my research, I am also going to work on putting a presentation together and sifting through all of the pictures I found to pick one iconic picture that can be compared to John Filo’s Kent State Shooting with Mary Vecchio in it. 


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