Cindy Heslep, Post 8

My group presented our paper project. The Prezi powerpoint presentation seemed to be slow but after I remembered my login information, it ran smoothly. There was some previous miscommunication within my group about when to meet to work on the presentation but ultimately was not an issue. We were the fourth group to present our presentation for the class period so it was not as nerve-wracking and stressful as it could have been. 

I enjoyed being able to interview Alan Canfora and working with my group, when able to, with the project. Everyone focused on finding information on their assigned part and meshed well together when the final project was complete. Looking for an appropriate representation of the legacy that Kent State still has on America today was somewhat difficult but was a good experience to have. Something interesting about history is how one event so many years ago is still seen through people’s actions in contemporary society. That is something that the project showed. In the case of Kent State, there are still evidence of police and law-enforcement that act out of power instead of reason. Even if someone was throwing rocks at the National Guardsmen at Kent State, the solution should never have been to open fire unless the students had opened fire on the Guardsmen first. 


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