Country Joe and the Fish, Post 1, Introducing the Song

“I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin-to-Die Rag” was taped by Country Joe, who write the song after he had been discharged from the US Navy for several years, and the Fish on 1967. This song is one of the most famous anti-war songs of the 1960s. It is a satire of the attitude that the US government had toward the Vietnam War. Also, the song has a dark sarcastic tone called “GI humor”, which is the way some people on the 60s talk and complain about their situations without getting into trouble. This song is really easy to understand, even though it is not saying anything literally wrong about the situation during the Vietnam War. Is easy to see how the author is critiquing the situation.

The main idea of the song is to critique the “conscription” or the “draft”, which was a system that select young people and forced them to go into the war. If they are not agree to go, they will go to jail during 2 years or so. The only way some young men can get out of the draft was if they had physical or mental reasons. There are a lot of reasons why many people try to evade their military service. However, a curious fact is that almost all the American soldiers drafted were poor or from working-class families, some of them were from middle-class families and a really little part of them were from upper-class families. This fact made me think that the people from upper-class families paid in somehow illegal to do not go into the war, and this people was called “draft dodgers” a common name during the Vietnam War.
In addition, as you can see in these two photos, a lot of people went to the street to reveal against the draft. They were trying to avoid the draft, and also they were trying to save their lives.











Saying this, my question for the class is, do you think that the draft was a good decision?



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