O’Neal, Hero of War



Hero of War is a song from the album Appeal to Reason, produced by the punk band Rise Against. Hero of War is about the conflict in Iraq and addresses the conflicts that face American soldiers who have fought and died in this conflict. The lyrics in the song are telling true stories, from soldiers who fought in the (OIF) conflict. The lead front man Tim Mcillrath found his inspiration for writing Hero of War, by watching a documentary called the ground truth. The Ground Truth documentary allowed veterans of the war in Iraq to express their true feelings and share stories of what they actually encountered during their tour of duty in Iraq.

Rise Against is a band that plays subversive music; they play rally cry music, like many bands during the 1960’s and1970’s, bands such as Buffalo Springfield, and Neil Young. Rise Against expresses their political opinion through the music they produce.


One thought on “O’Neal, Hero of War

  1. Greg,

    This is a good start. For your next post, please expand upon these ideas and write a bit of a longer post (posts need to be at least 300 words). I’m looking forward to helping you with your research.

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