“Letters From Vietnam”- B.o.b


When researching the song “Letters From Vietnam” by b.o.b I was able to find a short video on kiddnation about why he decided to write this song especially in the year 2011. B.o.b was doing research on Vietnam because he felt that it had a huge emotional impact on society. He researched agent orange, biochemical warfare, and then he came across a letter. The letter was about a man who found out his wife remarried while he went to fight in the war. His wife isn’t the one who told him, for his wife’s cousin is the one who wrote him back. The soldier goes on to say that of all the things he has seen and done that this was the worst part.

I wasn’t able to find the letter b.o.b found, but in the process of doing so I discovered a documentary called “Dear America: Letters From Vietnam.” This documentary puts soldiers’ letters written home together to illustrate what happened throughout the war. Also, I found a story about a P.O.W from Vietnam who’s wife also remarried and stole all his checks in the process. She goes on to say that she doesn’t feel sorry for doing what she did and the money was rightfully hers as it was the prisoner’s.

At the end of the song b.o.b says “All is fair in love and war.” I thought this made an interesting point about how these soldiers were fighting battles not just in war but in love as well. The emotional pain from what they were losing at home versus the pain of what they saw and went through interests me.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncJ2BRFa2sc    (Interview)




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