Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town – Post 2

The song “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town” is about a paralyzed Vietnam War veteran whose wife would see other men behind his back while he was forced to remain at the house. Because of this, I am going to make the primary topic of make paper about veterans who had limbs amputated or became paralyzed which was a very common result from serving in Vietnam.

While veterans did not receive much appreciation, veterans who had to have one or several limbs amputated or became paralyzed had a much more difficult time adjusting back to regular society become severely depressed. Many amputees and paraplegics were unable to take car of themselves as well, which would become a problem for their significant other or whoever they had lived with previously to the war. This was seen by the original writer of the song, Mel Tillis. The man that lived next to him after the war had become forced to live in a wheelchair. He would often see this man’s wife leave late at night all dressed up and come home late at night, being dropped off by other men.

This poor man was only one of many during this time. Throughout the Vietnam War, approximately 75,000 people were considered severely disabled, 23,214 being 100% disabled. An unfortunate 5,283 people lost limbs, while 1,081 suffered multiple amputations. Shockingly, three times more people during the war in Vietnam sustained amputations or crippling wounds compared to those of World War II. Additionally, the rate for amputations during this war was also a high 18.4% compared to the lesser 5.4% during World War II.

With so many people suffering life altering injuries, then being plunged back into regular society, there were a large amount of individuals who felt like they had been rejected from society because of their inability to win the war. With a seemingly complete lack of empathy, many veterans were unable to get jobs and just simply adapt back to the life they once had. Struggling to live a normal life, these veterans were never treated with the respect that they deserved, but instead seemed to be viewed as pests.




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