Machine Gun (post 3)

As I’ve been reading over Hendrix’s opinion about the Vietnam War it seems that he changes his mind over the years. At first he is not necessary pro-war, but understands that sometimes it is necessary. One of his quotes he talks about the Vietnam War and recognizes that it is the only way to maintain peace. This opinion was said to be formed by his time serving in the army. The people that were protesting the war really made him angry.  He said that even though he wasn’t in the army anymore he was still a soldier, the ideas of war were ingrained into his mind. Hendrix even discussed the war with an ex-marine Munger. Munger worked for Sunn Amplifiers and actually got Hendrix an endorsement deal. Funny that Munger and Hendrix didn’t talk about music, but about the war when music was Hendrix’s passion. At this point Hendrix thought that the war was necessary and communism was very much a real and alive threat.

However, as time continues, Hendrix states, “Instead of all that action happening over there, why doesn’t everyone just come on home, and instead of M16 machine guns, grenades and tanks on their backs, why don’t they come back with feedback guitars on their back? That’s better than guns.”  He also begins to show his curiosity about communism, questioning if it isn’t just government propaganda. His opinion isn’t the only thing that changes, he begins protesting through his music. 

In my opinion, I think that what happened to Hendrix is what happened to many Americans. At first they were very much supportive of the war. They didn’t want communism to spread, it was viewed as a huge concern. As time went by Americans began to question why the war was taking so long, and why American soldiers were in Vietnam in the first place. All these men are suffering and losing their lives for what reason?  Hendrix just lost faith just like many other American citizens. 

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