Post 3: The Boss’ War

Now that we know Bruce Springsteen felt war had no purpose in our world, we can discuss what was going on in the US during the time of the song’s release and fame. The song was release by Springsteen in 1985 which was in the midst of the Cold War and Reagan’s administration. So I will be focusing on the Cold War and how Reagan handled foreign affairs.

First, let’s discuss how the Cold War began. The US has always seemed to have slightly hostile relations with the Soviet Union and Russia. They have always seemed to disagree with the US when it came to political decisions including what type of government to have. The founding political party of the Soviet Union was Communism but the hostilities between the US and Soviet Union did not start until after World War 2 was over. At that point, we were determined to beat them in any endeavors. We tried to beat them to be the first ones on the moon, we tried to create the first Atomic bomb, and we tried to beat them during the Vietnam Conflict. They were aligned with North Vietnam while we were aligned with South Vietnam. So for much of the 1900’s, we were fighting to beat the Soviet Union in any way we could. We even made it a goal to win more medals at the Olympics than them during this time. Because of our continuously fighting with the Soviet Union, many people were afraid they would endanger the US by using the Atomic bomb against or by turning other countries towards Communism. Many people, Springsteen included, did not agree with the way we handled the Cold War because people lived in constant fear. So that is one of the reasons Springsteen chose to record “War”.

Next time, we will discuss how Reagan was handling foreign policy during this time period.


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