Travelin’ Soldier- Post 3

In 2006, three years after the Dixie Chicks made their statement on the band’s world tour, a documentary was made of the band depicting this event and the trials the women went through for those three years.

It took nearly ten years for the women to really even talk about it openly with the public and the media. But before then the women had many controversies around the world because of what they had said and done. The statement Maines made saying, “Just so you know, we’re on the good side with y’all. We do not want this war, this violence, and we’re ashamed that the president of the United States is from Texas,” was originally meant as a joke and as a way to get attention , they didn’t believe people would take them seriously. Obviously this backfired on the band.

Before the band had gone on their tour, they had just signed with the Lipton tea company, as their main sponsor. However when this incident occurred, Lipton was hesitant to continue their support of the girls in their endeavors, worried it could hurt the company.

Many people wanted the women to apologize, or in the very least atone for their treasonous words towards the president. In an interview the president was quoted saying, “They shouldn’t have their feelings hurt just because someone doesn’t want to buy their records.” At some point during another tour, the band received a death threat letter, telling them the exact date and time to expect the killer(s) (death threat). In response to this, at each concert the security was beefed up so that no one could get to the girls.

In several interviews the band was asked how they felt about the statement, the women retorted saying they are a family, they are sisters, they deal with it together. However this leaves to wonder, why is Maines no longer in the band now? What happened to make them separate?

As the months went on, the girls tried to re-establish their footing in the music world. This proved to be a bit more difficult than they thought possible, however because of the general publics’ disapproval of the band, there was new material the band could use for new songs. As mentioned in the previous post, the band’s style of music changed from being peaceful and somewhat country to a more “livid” approach to their audience telling them that they do not regret what happened, and that they aren’t ready to apologize (see the song “Not Ready To Make Nice).

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