Country Joe and The Fish, Blog Post 4 “The role of the Women”

For my fourth blog post about the song “I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin-to-Die Rag” I am going to discuss the topic of the women in the war. In this song, the authors do not mention the role of the women at any moment. They just mentioned the mothers who send their “boy son” to the Vietnam War. In the song the just mention the words men and boy to talk about the young people who goes to the war. For example: “Pack your boys off to Vietnam” or “Yeah, come on all of you big strong men”. That make me think, what is the role of the women during this period of war? Was the women drafted? And can the women be voluntary to go fight in the Vietnam War?

What I found about these questions is that, first of all women could be voluntary to fight in the war, which in my opinion is a great thing, because each women who want to help their country must be able to do it. On the other hand, I found that women cannot be drafted in the lottery to go fight in the Vietnam War. In my opinion this is wrong and disrespectful for all the young men drafted, who dead during the Vietnam War. And also is wrong and disrespectful for their families.

Finally, for the last question, which was the role of the women during the Vietnam War, I find that around 4,000 to 15,000 were represented in the military. However, about 90% served as a nurses. And only 8 servicewomen were killed, I say only because compared with the men is a ridiculous number, but is still a bad thing. In addition, I find that women never had an important role inside the military, they provide entertainment and support to the men who were fighting in the war. And I think this is a really disrespectful for the women image. The last thing I found is that some women work in the Vietnam War but not fighting, they were reporting the war for the news and the media. But, some media agencies reject any possibility to have women working in the Vietnam War.

This picture shows two nurses helping a soldier in Vietnam War.

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