A Peak Into the Stories of Napalm Victims

Napalm also known as ‘Agent Orange’ affected millions of people during the Vietnam War.  There were many stories and many pictures to illustrate the unthinkable consequences of the napalm bombs.  These catastrophic blasts not only affected that generation but for generations to come.  One of the many stories concerned a young woman who was exposed to napalm. Several years after exposure she became pregnant.  She lost her first child due to heart failure and the baby dies several days before delivery. Her second pregnancy was full term and proceeded in a normal delivery.  A little over eight months later, they noticed deficiencies in the child’s physical and mental health; furthermore, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.  The same woman’s third pregnancy ended in a miscarriage.  Her fourth and fifth pregnancies proved to be almost normal.  Many of the victims were unaware of the pending health consequences of Agent Orange.  As many Vietnamese were farmers, when the napalm hit they rushed to their crops to rescue them from destruction.  They remember these days and recall having to eat these crops even though they were contaminated, there was no other choice. These crops were the only currency they had. One woman, under the latter circumstances, bore one normal child and during her second pregnancy, the doctors found more than 12 tumors on her uterus.  She underwent a hysterectomy after a caesarean birth of her second child.  The effects of napalm were appalling. The number of people affected was devastating yet; the pilots who dropped these napalm bombs had no idea of its toll on humanity. There is always a different perspective a story could be told from and I wonder if more people had known at the time of the deadly effects of napalm would there have been more of an outrage. Hearing about the news is one thing, seeing it first hand shatters hearts.


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