Interview with Archimedes Patty, OSS officer who met with Ho Chi Minh

At the link below there’s a great interview with Patti about his time with the Viet Minh during WWII in Vietnam. Do take a look around at the website; there may be sources that will be helpful to you for your papers.

Here’s what AP had to say during the interview about the Viet Minh:

[WE] parachuted into the area of Ho’s jungle headquarters which was a place called Kim Leung [unidentifiable]. And, there for the first time, we saw what kind of troops the Viet Minh were. They were a very willing, fine young nationalist, really what we used to say gung-ho type. Uh. They were willing to risk their lives for their cause, the cause of independence against the French.  And, but, they were disorganized in terms of really they would be an able group when operating as four or five individuals for one specific mission, but when it came to an organized operation such as destroying a long line of communications, they lacked the, both the weapons and the know-how.