Post 5- Hendrix

It took only three years for the majority of America to oppose the Vietnam War. There are many ways that the American society’s opposition to the Vietnam War was fueled; president’s lies, the draft, brand new media outlet, music, and no true exit strategy. I plan on discussing all of these reasons in my research … Continue reading

Post 5: The Boss’ War

Bruce Springsteen was trying to make a statement when he released “War” in 1985. I believe he accomplished that through the song but also through what he stated whenever he would play the song live. In particular, what he said before he performed “War” in his 1985 live Los Angeles concert demonstrates why he recorded … Continue reading

Societal Factors and PTSD

In my interview with Dan Daley, he brought up one point in particular which peaked my interest in regards to PTSD, was the statement that “[the Vietnam War] was the first time US servicemen came back to anything less than a hero’s welcome. If the war didn’t sufficiently traumatize them, coming home often did.” After … Continue reading

Napalm Burns (Blog 5)

Napalm is a destructive tool that the United States used to kill the Viet Cong in masses during the Vietnam War.  However, napalm not only killed a few Viet Cong soldiers, it destroyed everything in its path.  As a result of the napalm bombing, carbon monoxide persists in the environment.  Carbon monoxide is dissolved into … Continue reading

Eve of Destruction Post 5

People look back on Vietnam with many negative opinions on America’s strategies. I think one of the most significant issues was with the draft. Working-Class War: American Combat Soldiers & Vietnam by Christian G. Appy describes the youthful frustrations and fears that were felt towards the draft process. Based on facts, statistics, and war stories, Appy … Continue reading